Covenant Baptist Church is a medium-sized congregation located in the Gardner Park neighborhood of Gastonia. Our location makes us convenient to Armstrong Park Road, New Hope Road, and Redbud Drive.

Some of the things that I believe best describe Covenant Baptist are:
Friendly: One of the best elements of our 11 a.m. worship service is the greeting/fellowship time we have just prior to our service.

Caring: You will find a caring and compassionate people at Covenant. This is demonstrated in our Deacon Family Ministry and within each Sunday School class. Each class is encouraged to minister to those in their class.

A Heart for Missions: We support the mission agencies of our denomination as well as local agencies/ministries. We support active missionaries and are personally involved in local mission projects and have been on numerous mission trips.

Traditional Worship Service: At a typical worship service at Covenant, you will find sound Biblical preaching and anthems presented by the adult choir. We use the Baptist hymnal accompanied by pipe organ and piano. Hand bells are also part of our service on occasion. During the Christmas and Easter seasons, the adult choir presents special music accompanied by orchestral instruments.

Now that you know a little about Covenant, we would like to get acquainted with you. If you wish, just click on…and follow the prompts. Come join us for Bible study and worship one Sunday!